GracePointe Church

Drawing from an urban and minimalist approach, GracePointe’s style has shifted throughout its transition from a suburban Brentwood location to a recently renovated mid-century space in metro Nashville. The style is inspired by the brand’s two primary seasonal colors: coral and teal. Inspired by marble and cement as organic textures, the palette is preferentially neutral with seasonal shifts requiring mild temperature adjustments. Social media is patterned with photography and graphics, and seasonal aesthetics borrow from the colors adjacent to the organization’s brand identity.

Nexa Bold, Nexa Light, and Karla are the primary typefaces used in GracePointe’s style guide. Headers sometimes make us of alternative types such as Altero and Laro, but only in an ad hoc fashion. The logo and accompanying branding core were designed by Josh Hailey.

GracePointe’s website is hosted through Wix, and a series of important brand identifiers are used to mark context throughout. The aesthetic is monochromatic and blocked, with the content intended to feel elevated by white space. The logo is the central marker throughout the site with minimal line art complimenting the design.

The photographic editing philosophy is intended to play into the brand colors as well as The Clementine’s natural aesthetic. Cooler shadows split towards teal while the warmer highlights are prominently contrasted. Follow @gracepointetn on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up.

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Laura Jean Truman

Prominent queer Christian writer and theologian Laura Jean Truman asked me to redesign and modernize her personal site. Drawing from her preferences, I had to redesign on top of a WordPress theme and template by implementing new typefaces, color schemes, and page layouts. This necessitated a basic, working knowledge of CSS and the capacity to manipulate it. Using whatever resources I had at my disposal, I was able to implement a rather thorough redesign predicated on her style guidelines.

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 12.59.15 PM.png

Playfair Display and Akimo from Google Fonts were used as the new typeface baselines, drawing on a midcentury modern aesthetic whilst taking a hard turn towards minimalism. Teal, inspired by the photographs and her slightly more masculine preference, contrasts with the grayscale type and utilization of whitespace. The use of large swaths of white was intended to elevate content and photography rather than detract from it.



Unity of Nashville

Previously relying on a WordPress template, I was able to transition Unity of Nashville over to a SquareSpace site with updated branding. Their primary colors are intended to reflect their building and location with a warm, neutral palette inspired by mid-century modern design philosophy, and their logo is an outline of the building’s cupola.

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 1.20.39 PM.png

Drawing from images taken during weekly gatherings and events, the aesthetic is fairly minimal and warm, attempting to be modern whilst appealing to all ages. Karla, by way of Google Fonts, is used as the primary type for headings and copy. Karla has been integrated into most external messaging and content, making for a consistent and thorough brand upgrade that is noticeable and coherent.

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