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I Can't Make You Understand

I know it's two years after the election, but every fucking week is a searing confrontation with its consequences.

I can't make anyone believe this is bad, if for any other reason than the fact that those most benefiting from this presidency are those whose privilege has protected them from collective marginalization.

I can't make anyone believe that putting children in cages as a punitive policy measure for deterrence is incontrovertibly wrong. I can't convince you the suicide rate for LGBTQ+ youth is unequivocally related to your beliefs. I simply can't make you understand, but I don't have to, either.

I love you enough to be angry at you, enough to tell you I'm hurt, and this pain is wholly justified.

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What Liberty University Taught Me

Two years ago, in the onset of my faith journey, I thought I could put my head down and just get it over with.

I was wrong.

It's not that I exclusively needed my experiences at Liberty to inform the person I am today, but they unwittingly became an invaluable part of who I've become. The friends, the memories, and the cost of coming out taught me - and I'm still learning - much about life and the pursuit of collective justice. I've lived and participated in a culture that blames the victim, vilifies the marginalized, and refuses to acknowledge its own sin.

Still I'm finding, through the trauma, the loss, and the anger, the early signs of a coming spring.

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Queer the Church

Queer the Church.

We'll make it as colorful, dynamic, and joyful as we are. We'll make space for hurting people to hurt, for doubting people to doubt, for the disbelieving to disbelieve. We'll feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and give comfort to the mourning because that's exactly what God's Beloved do.

We'll re-appropriate the songs penned by those who condemn us into songs of joy, singing our theology as a witness to our hardship.

We'll read Scripture critically, engaging it with open hearts and open minds, refusing to be shamed by the hermeneutics we were taught to believe.

And we'll stand up to cisheteropatriarchy in every way, shape, and form. No more white-washed, privileged theology with nothing to say on the ills of racism, homophobia, sexism, transphobia, patriarchy, and so on.

Queer the Church.

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