I'm a queer, progressive, post-evangelical Christian trying to make sense of this crazy journey we call life.

Hey, friend! This blog is already a functional, if long, bio. But why not have a brief introduction?

I’m Nathanial, living in Lynchburg, Virginia, completing my undergraduate degree in music and worship studies at Liberty University. I grew up in a conservative, evangelical family in a farming town in Michigan – yet, as fate would have it, I’m gay.

After a year of asking questions, undergoing a deconstruction of my faith, and losing everything I thought was secure, I’m writing about my experiences and thoughts from my weird little perspective. I’m caught between seemingly opposed realities, trying to make things better for LGBTQ people like myself in spaces where they may not be welcomed.

I’m 22, living my best life thanks to the Aldi down the road and the love of my partner, trying my best to embody Love in a world where love doesn’t always make sense.

I am loathe to step into conflict, but acknowledge its necessity for real and lasting change.

This blog is a deep dive into all these things and more.

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